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“The First of a New Generation of Real Time, Web Based Fuel Management Systems”

Fuel Management.

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Jigsaw can now interface to the Piusi OCCIO, the Gilbarco TLS2 and TLS 350, the OLE Gauges and the Range of Franklin Gauges. The system can manage up to 16 Tanks on the more intelligent gauges. Uniquely, Jigsaw can combine the products in multiple tanks so that several tanks, separately gauged but manifolded together as one tank can be directly compared with the system book stock in real time. Tank and Book stock are now graphed for easy comparison

More Tank Gauges Added ..

The Jigsaw Crash Detection system for installation on Highway Crash Barriers has now completed all tests and is ready for roll out. First  areas have now been installed on the A1 and have detected their first impacts. The system has improved time to get support teams out by at least 35 minutes.

Crash Barrier System - Testing Complete

Bowser Based Fuel Management.


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Jigsaw have already changed the face of fuel management once with the introduction of Real Time, Web Based fuel management. It is fast becoming the norm although we are still well ahead of the pack. Jigsaw are about to shake up the fuel management world again with our 100% fuel management system. We can now manage fuel from the point it turns in to the gate of your site, to the point its burnt in the vehicles engine. On board vehicle tank monitoring has now been fully integrated with the rest of the fuel management system so that the amount of fuel dispensed may be compared directly with what ends up in the tank so that fuelling of secondary containers is detected. Any fuel siphoned from the vehicle away from your site will be detected and reported on too. Call us for more information.

Another Sea Change in Fuel Management

Fuel Management

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