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Several new Flood Logging and Alarm systems have been developed with Analogue level reading and periodic logging but retaining the three level alarm.

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Trash Screen Monitoring Systems

A Trash Screen Monitor has been developed which employs two analogue level sensors so that upstream and downstream levels of a trash screen may be monitored and alarms raised if there is a significant difference detected.

One of our largest installations in the world is expanding to a new area. The original First Quantum Kansanshi Gold and Copper Mine in Zambia, already managed by 6 static terminals and 11 mobile terminals with 24 pumps, is expanding  to control over 100 pumps across 34 fixed and mobile fuelling points on a single site. Even in a large hole in the ground, in the centre of Africa, real time communications are fast and reliable managing millions of litres of fuel each month just on this site, and over a billion worldwide.

The system doesn’t only manage diesel, but also the many lubricants and other liquids essential to the smooth running of the fleet.

The Jigsaw system, using real time mobile communications is ideally suited for this environment with a large amount of mobile refuelling, and even static fuelling points being moved as the mining advances.

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