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Water Management.

“The First of a New Generation of Real Time, Web Based Fuel Management Systems”

Fuel Management.

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Community Flood Warning.


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Jigsaw have interfaced with several Telematics (Vehicle Tracking) Companies servers so that the system can now automatically request the vehicles mileage at the time of fuelling.

Telematics Odometer Recovery

Several new Flood Logging and Alarm systems have been developed with Analogue level reading and periodic logging but retaining the three level alarm.

Flood Monitoring Systems

Bowser Based Fuel Management.


M2M Systems  :

No more lost tags as they are attached permanently adjacent to the filler cap of a vehicle or piece of plant equipment. The tag is read by the FuelWand hand held scanner which uses a radio transceiver to send the ID information back to the Fuel Island Controller. This system was designed to make mobile bowser refuelling more convenient, but may be used in any fuelling operation.

Jigsaw Fuel Wand.


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Trash Screen Monitoring Systems

A Trash Screen Monitor has been developed which employs two analogue level sensors so that upstream and downstream levels of a trash screen may be monitored and alarms raised if there is a significant difference detected.

The FuelWand will also identify the pump (or bowser) and fueller ID, and trigger the reading of vehicle mileage for a “one touch” fuelling operation.